How Will You Be Judged?


I enter hesitantly, heart racing, palms sweaty.  I scan the room.

Someone reaches out to introduce themselves.  I shake their hand.  Was that too soft?  Too hard?  Why did I wear this shirt?  I make small talk with the group and think to myself, “Wow, this one is real talker.  Is he even stopping to breathe?  And this lady, who cuts her hair?  It’s amazing.”

We’ve all been on both sides of this situation, being sized-up, sizing-up others, judging them, even.  We make judgments and are judged ourselves, based on appearance, input from friends, body language and a host of other conscious and unconscious factors.  It’s natural and often necessary to form opinions and make observations about people.

When someone comes into contact with a business, they do these very same things.  Who is this company?  What are they all about?  They are sizing you up, ready to judge.  The book, Rules to Break and Laws to Follow,  states that customers judge the quality of the institution by the responsiveness of the first person they come into contact with.


So basically, a business can arm their customer service team with the very best training and stock its storefronts with the most friendly and helpful associates, but in today’s environment of mobile phones, websites and digital  media, each and every employee needs to understand their value and their purpose.  No matter who a customer comes into contact with, they need to receive the very best experience.

We received an email from a homeowner about the service she received via our Facebook page.  Following is an excerpt.

I wanted to give a shout-out for your Gehan Facebook people… I have been trying to get the color of paint used in my home that was built in 2011…I went on your Facebook page and within 3 days they found the color used! Thank you to (employee) and the others that helped me!

We have a social media team of one at Gehan Homes.  One person, who is extremely busy when not tracking down color swatches.  I’m not even sure how she figured out how to find out this information, to be honest.  But, this person gets it.  She understands that how people perceive her responsiveness is how they will perceive our company.

No matter what your “job description” at Gehan Homes, each of us is charged with providing the very best customer experience.  So, every day we look forward for the opportunity to make a first impression.  Every day we look forward to showing up, heart racing, palms sweaty…ready to being judged.