Buying a New Home – Top 7 Reasons to Buy New vs. Used

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Energy SMART

Energy SMART – New homes are built with the latest in energy saving technologies – energy efficient HVAC systems, windows with E3 glazing, water-conserving fixtures and radiant barrier roofing – to name a few. Our new homes use less energy than a typical used home, saving you money every month.


Live SMART – A new home is a new start. When you build a new home, you enjoy modern amenities, more open spaces, updated schools and a newer community.


Save SMART – A new home allows you to spend less on maintenance and repairs. Old appliances, water heaters and roofs are expensive to replace. Enjoy the savings and peace of mind that comes with a home full of new products.

Design SMART

Design SMART – New homes allow you to customize your home the way you want and feature the latest design trends – open floor plans, high ceilings, large closets and smart use of space that reflect the way you live today.


Feel SMART – Your new home will feature all new products, that are under warranty. These latest designs and building materials will offer you worry-free comfort. A new home allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing you are covered.


Start SMART – When you build a new home, you are building your dream, rather than living in someone else’s creation. You choose the options, finishes and colors that suit your style and enjoy living in a home that was Designed for Your Life.


Build SMART – Today’s new homes meet more stringent standards. Higher indoor air quality, better construction. and stricter energy-efficiency requirements mean that when you buy new, 

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