Design Tips to Build the Perfect Home

Cardinal Master Bedroom - Terra Colinas

To create a home that reflects your sense of individuality and fits your family's lifestyle, browse through magazines, peruse the internet or visit Gehan Homes models and gather pictures of rooms that appeal to you. Answer the following questions to design your dream home:

Will it last?

Trendy designs and unconventional colors are a fun way to add personality and uniqueness to your home. However, what is in style today may become antiquated tomorrow. When choosing your cabinetry, countertops and flooring, ask yourself if what you are selecting today will be something that will still be stylish years from now. 
Throw pillows, colorful paint, area rugs and other decorative touches can add whimsy and are affordable enough to change frequently. Incorporating your individual style into your home design will help you create a beautiful home with lasting value.

Is it functional?

Think about your family's lifestyle. You may draw your inspiration from pictures in magazines, but oftentimes these photographs are staged and don't reflect comfortable, everyday living. Envisioning your family enjoying and living comfortably in the space will allow you to create a home that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Is there continuity of design?

Visualize your furnishings in the room. They should fit well together with the color scheme and style you have chosen. Do all of the rooms flow together naturally? All of the rooms do not need to match, but should be consistent in style.

How does it make you feel?

 Visualize the pictures you have chosen without the furnishings, and simply focus on the color palette of the walls, the cabinetry and the flooring. How does the room make you feel? Comfortable and relaxed? Invigorated and revitalized? Sophisticated and refined? Imagine yourself in that room. Is this the feeling that you are hoping to create in that particular space? The emotional response that you have to the room will assist you in determining the colors and textures that most appeal to you.

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