Feeling the Love

Feeling the Love

We spend a lot of time talking about how to provide the best customer service.  We discuss client satisfaction in several meetings per month.  We use a lot of words in our sales collateral to tell people about our superior customer experience.  We survey our buyers to look for ways we can improve.  It seems we spend a lot of energy trying to get it right.  We think we are doing a good job.  We’re trying our best.  We think our customers are feeling the love.  But, how would we know?

People tend to complain when they have a negative experience, but how many of our customers truly felt that we went above and beyond?  That we provided an “unparalleled building and buying experience” (like the brochure states)?  How many of them take the time to tell others?  Actually sit down and write about their positive experience?  I mean, we’re all pretty busy…

The marketing team opened our in boxes yesterday to find out that Gehan Homes won a “Best Customer Service”award from Houzz, the leading online resource for homebuilding, design and remodeling.  Even more rewarding was the fact that the accolade was based on the number of positive client reviews we received online.

It is so rewarding when you hear that people are excited about their dealings with your company.  That they are so happy that they decide to share their story with others.  That someone out there recognizes your collective efforts. It’s humbling to be praised for your efforts, but when your customers are the ones rooting for you, that just takes it to a whole other level.

Thanks to all of customers who took the time to write such wonderful things about us, our employees and our homes.  It was great to receive the acknowledgement.  But, our true reward is your happiness.  Thanks for the love!

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