The Time to Buy

Keys to New Home

Is buying a home now the right decision for you?  The pathway to homeownership is your own journey that is based on the groundwork you have laid so far.  Here are some ideas to determine if now is the time for you to buy a new home:

Lay a Foundation

Lay a Foundation

Location is one of the most important factors in buying a new home.  Look for a home in a good school district that is close to major employment centers and has easy access to highways.  If you need information about the most desirable neighborhoods, a Realtor can be a valuable resource.

Evaluate Your Footing

Evaluate Your Footing

Knowing your finances is key to home buying success.  Evaluate how much home you can comfortably afford and put together a list of needs and wants so you can be realistic about your expectations.

Your Financial Blueprint

Lay out Your Financial Blueprint

Your credit is an important element of buying a home.  Knowledge is power, especially when applying for a loan.  Get a free credit report so you can be aware of what lenders will see when they are evaluating your creditworthiness. 

Build Your Nest

Build your Nest (Egg)

What about down payment?  A seasoned mortgage professional can assist you in evaluating how your down payment will affect your monthly costs and mortgage insurance.

By getting professional advice and taking an honest look at your finances, you can easily determine if now is the time for you to begin your journey to homeownership.

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