Top 10 Upgrades - Builder Upgrades that Make (Dollars and) Sense!

Sabine Park Oriole Kitchen Top Upgrades

Choosing from the many builder upgrades available does not have to be an overwhelming task.  You can start prioritizing your wants and needs by learning what upgrades are difficult and costly to make after your home is built vs. upgrades that can be easily added later. 

Much of the cost of builder upgrades can be added into your mortgage, costing you a small amount each month, versus a lump sum after move in. 


The Top 10 Upgrades You May Want to Consider Making with Your New Home Builder

  1. Lot – You can’t really change the location of your house once you’ve built it.  If you’re considering a lot that backs up to a park or greenbelt, a corner lot or an oversized homesite, now is the time to make this investment. 
  2. Structural Changes – Changes to your home’s structure are much more costly and difficult to make once your home is built. A study, extra bathroom, back patio, media room, extra garage area, or raised ceilings are all wise choices.
  3. Flooring – Flooring can be a large expense and you may not have thousands to invest in upgrading your floors, after move in. When you consider the resale value that wood floors bring, it can be a smart upgrade that you’ll want to do now.
  4. Large Kitchen Island – If you decide to add a larger island later, the cost and mess involved can be substantial. Since islands are a central gathering point in any home, consider adding that additional counter space and storage upfront.
  5. Brick or Stone Exterior: If you would like to add decorative brick or stone, it’s a good idea to do this with a builder. It’s often difficult and expensive to upgrade exterior materials afterwards.
  6. Extra Outlets: Consider adding extra outlets in the kitchen, desk areas or anywhere you plan to place lamps. This will save the expense of hiring an electrician down the road.
  7. Wiring for Surround Sound or Connectivity - Wiring is typically difficult to install after construction, as it usually requires opening up walls. This is much easier to do before move in.
  8. Ceiling Fans – These can be difficult to install on your own, especially in areas with high ceilings.
  9. Fireplace – A fireplace much easier to have the builder install, rather than contract someone to do it later.
  10. Upgraded Trim and Mouldings – Removing trim, replacing it, caulking and painting is a time-consuming and messy job that may be better to do up front.

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