Gehan Homes Honored by Red Cross

Red Cross Volunteer

As the Holidays approach, we are each reminded how much we have to be thankful for. Sometimes it is easy to take necessities like food, shelter and clothing for granted. These are just some of the few things the Red Cross provides to thousands of disaster victims each year. Gehan Homes is honored to be a partner of the American Red Cross, an organization that has provided assistance in the face of the many challenges faced in 2017.  

With the help of partners and volunteers all over the world, the Red Cross provides safe shelters, distributes food and comfort items for disaster victims, transports people and materials to help those in need, and then continues to assist those affected through the long road to recovery.

Gehan Homes partnership with the Red cross extends year round.  Because of our dedication and the commitment of so many others, the Red Cross is ready at a moment’s notice. The Red Cross honored their partners with this Thank You post, making a special notation of us and other annual partners by placing an * next to our names.

As Gehan Homes reviews the past year, we are humbled by the many blessings 2017 has brought and look forward to serving our communities in the coming year.

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