The Best Exterior Paint Trends of 2018

Exterior Paint

Repainting your home is a great way to modernize the exterior without breaking the bank. Whether you're buying a new home or redoing your existing home, repainting is the perfect way to bring the house into style!

It's not too late in the season to paint! There's still enough time before winter comes to refresh the exterior of your home with one of this year's hottest colors.

The Hot Neutrals This Season

1. "Cool Greens"

Cool greens include sage, juniper, and seafoam hues. These lighter shades usually have enough grey to feel like a neutral and natural tone. This color is perfect for homeowners who prefer a muted tone but still like a little color.

Our Favorite Accent Colors: Soft whites and wood

2. "Greige"

Greige is an industry term for grey and beige mixed together. The great benefit of this color is that it can be both warm and cool. So if you have a preference for either color temperature you can accent however you like. Homeowners enjoy the freedom of using a universal neutral without having to settle for boring!

Our Favorite Accent Colors: Bright whites, slate blues, and mustard

3. "Icy White Greys"

A hot trend in exterior materials is painted brick. And icy white greys are the go-to for homeowners looking to update an old brick house. It's clean, crisp, and modern looking. But it still manages to pay homage to the old farmhouse style. Accents colors are limitless, but we've listed our favorites below.

Our Favorite Accent Colors: Stained wood, forest greens, dark greys The Best Exterior Paint for Color Enthusiasts

4. "Mustard Yellows"

Do warm colors make you happy inside? Then consider a mustard yellow for your exterior paint. It's friendly, eye-catching, and the more sophisticated relative of yellow. We recommend accenting with neutrals to keep the overall style refined.

Our Favorite Accent Colors: Slate blues and crisp whites

5. "Country Blue"

Country blue is a soft, medium blue with a hint of grey. And it's the perfect color choice for homeowners who want to feature a color without it feeling too bold. Country blue pairs well neutrals, but if you want to add another hint of color, try a dark red or mustard door.

Our Favorite Accent Colors: Natural woods, icy white greys, and dark reds

6. "Dark, Moody Reds"

This modern take on "barn red" is perfect for homeowners who want to honor the classics without dating the house. Dark, moody reds feel classic and welcoming!

Our Favorite Accent Colors: Peach, beige, and greyish blues

Now What?

Now that you know the best exterior paint colors of 2018-19 it's time to pick the perfect one to update your new or existing home! And contact us for your home buying needs!

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