Top 5 Quick Tips to Keep an Organized Kitchen in Your New Home

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When's the last time a meal cost you $70,000? According to the New York Post, Americans can easily spend $70,000 annually on takeout food. Why not save money, stay in, and enjoy preparing a meal in your new home? Nowadays anybody can be a master chef, with the help of online cooking videos. Before you can have fun whipping up a meal, you'll have to be able to find the whisk. Your new home should be set up to compliment your lifestyle. You can start by creating more space in your kitchen. Take control of your kitchen organization with these 5 storage saving tips.

1. Kitchen Layout Without Appliances

Cluttered counters are one of the number one reasons people avoid cooking. What appliances do you use the most in your kitchen? Keep your counters clear of clutter by discretely storing certain appliances. Do you have a blender that you only use once a week? Consider storing this item in a cupboard with extra room.

Also, remember to be proactive with your kitchen safety. Keep young ones safe by storing harmful chemicals far out of reach. You'll also want to lock the cupboards with childproof locks.

2. Decorate the Walls with Pans

Hanging pans on the walls is decorative and logical. Your pans are going to be an item you need to use frequently. Instead of hiding them away in a difficult to reach spot keep them out in the open.

3. Unconventional Kitchen Organization

A brand new shower caddy can be a great addition to your kitchen organization. The shower caddy can be used to store a number of different spices. Traditionally this life hack was popular because of the money-saving appeal. However, when decorating your kitchen, we understand you only want the best. Consider investing in a shower caddy with a higher price tag than you normally would. Your repurposed kitchen shower caddy will last for a long time. The more decorative the caddy, the harder it'll be for guests to notice your unique storage solution.

4. Avoid a Messy Kitchen Pantry

Now that you have a shower caddy spice rack, why not a shoe organizer too? Shoe organizers work great for kitchen pantry closets. Hang the shoe organizer over the back of the pantry door. Use the shoe slots to store tea packets, spices, honey and more!

5. Angling Utensils

We've all been there before. Battling with the kitchen drawer, hoping it'll release our spatula or stirring spoon. There's an easier way to fit big utensils into your drawer. Position large utensils at an angle to fit them into the drawer space. You'll be able to easily retrieve the utensil and replace it when finished. You can also purchase a diagonal draw organizer as a finishing touch.

New Home Opportunities

Your new home presents fun ways you can organize to suit your lifestyle. This is your opportunity to do things differently. Kitchen organization is just the start!

We have more stories here on how you can customize and design your home. You can also request a customer service expert to contact you. We love to stay in touch with our current and future homeowners.

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