Top 8 Winter Landscaping and Lawn Care Tips

Winter Landscaping

Did you know that Florida's coldest recorded temperature is -2F? If one of the hottest states in the country isn't immune to winter chill, then you need to make sure you're prepared for winter even in Texas and Arizona! Impending freezing weather can send a chill down any homeowner's spine. Thinking about all the chores that need to be done to keep your property looking beautiful can feel overwhelming. However, if you follow these 8 simple winter landscaping tips, your lawn will be prepared in no time.

1. Move Any Fragile Plants Indoors

Although an abundance of flowers make our gardens lovely, some plants can't survive harsh winters. To preserve your delicate plants, be sure to transfer them to a pot with good drainage and move them indoors. If you have access to a greenhouse, your flowers would thrive throughout the chilly months.

2. Keep Your Grass Cleared

Although raking is viewed as a fall chore, you should continue clearing debris from your lawn in the winter to prevent any mold or fungus growth. Nobody likes the look of dull, patchy grass, so maintaining your lawn care unless snow covers the ground is vital.

3. Give Your Yard a Deep Fertilizer Treatment

Winter landscape may appear bleak, but treating your lawn to some fertilizer before the ground freezes will ensure your yard looks lush come springtime. If you put in extra effort in the winter, you'll have less work to do when it's warm outside. With this extra time, you can focus on making your yard a wonderland.

4. Cover Your Plants and Trees with Mulch

Snow can kill your plants by freezing their roots. When you add a thick layer of mulch over your plants and trees, they can stay cozy and vibrant.

5. Prune Your Trees and Shrubs Before the First Snow

One of the most important winter maintenance tips is to prune your trees before any snow comes. Not only will pruning protect your yard from disease, but removing weakened branches can prevent accidents. When snow builds up, the weight can become too heavy for the branch to support. A collapsed branch could damage your home or hurt someone.

6. Don't Stop Watering Until the Temperature Is Freezing

You may not want to spend a lot of time outdoors when it's chilly, but if you don't get a lot of rain where you live, then you need to keep watering your plants. It's true that plants become dormant in the winter, but you should continue tending to them until the temperature dips to freezing.

7. Protect Your Sprinklers

An often forgotten chore is preparing your sprinkler system for freezing temperatures. If any water remains in your pipes, it will expand and bust your pipes. Leaky pipes can do a lot of damage, so don't forget to remove all the water from your system.

8. Get Creative with Winter Landscaping

Although there are innumerable landscaping tips on the web, only you can speak for your unique taste. Winter is a great time to experiment. Bring some cheer to your lawn this winter by adding more lights, architectural designs, and plants that stay colorful when it's cold.

Want More Helpful Tips?

Winter landscaping doesn't have to be a nightmare as long as you have a plan! At Gehan Homes, we understand how important it is to make your house feel like a home. For more helpful information, check out our blog.

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