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Ways to Reduce Energy Use - Texas

Minimizing energy usage in your new Gehan Home is not only good for the environment but will also reduce your expenses. There are things that you can do all year long. Below you will find ways to reduce energy use in your new home.

Managing Temperature

A programmable thermostat can help save money on heat and cooling. Instead of keeping your heat or A/C on all day, you can program your system to adjust at different times of day. This also stops you from forgetting to turn your thermostat down when you leave for work or at night.

Heating Tips

The strategy to manage the temperature in a house will relate to the type of heating system. Forced hot air systems warm a home very quickly, whereas hot water systems take significantly longer. If you have a forced hot air heater, reduce the settings significantly and set it to increase shortly before you plan to return home. Hot water systems need more time to heat up, so it is best not to reduce the temperature too low and to also give it a lot of time to warm back up.

Air Conditioning Guidance

Placement of air conditioners is important. For built-in units, the best location for vents is near the ceiling because cold air falls. Change filters regularly to maximize performance.


Appliances consume energy even when they are not running. For instance, an LCD or plasma television takes around 400 watts when in use and 4 watts when not in use. When you add up all of the electronics in a house, it can lead to a lot of wasted energy over time. Try unplugging electronics that are not commonly used. To simplify this, connect multiple cords to a surge protector that can be powered off.

Water Waste

Water is one of the most misused resources in Texas homes. First and foremost, try not to leave water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Immediately fix plumbing leaks or running toilets. Look into dual flush toilets or place a filled water bottle into the tanks of older toilets to reduce the amount of water held for flushing. Low-flow faucets and shower heads can also help. These measures will save on both water and sewer costs.

Monitoring Air Leaks

Keep doors and windows closed to retain the heating or air conditioning in your Gehan home. If you have entry ways with two sets of doors, avoid having both open at the same time. This will minimize the amount of air that leaves your property.


Make use of natural sunlight whenever possible to brighten and warm up the inside of your home. Use solar powered outside lights. Energy saving light bulbs are commonly available and many are brighter and run longer than their traditional counterparts, making the change an easy decision.

Ways To Reduce Energy Use

Many of the ways to reduce energy use in your new Gehan Home are easy to adopt while others require you to be more aware of your daily habits. Together, they can result in worthwhile savings on your routine utility bills. Practice energy conservation at all times in your new home to gain the most benefit from your efforts.

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