Energy Efficient Home Building

Energy Efficiency

Texas New Home Energy Saving Ideas

When building a new home, there are several features that come standard that can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower expenses over time. People normally refer to appliances when evaluating energy efficiency, but there are many building materials that involve energy utilization. The following are some Texas new home energy saving ideas to consider.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Fuel burning HVAC systems ordinarily have a percent rating for efficiency. The more the figure, the better the unit is not necessarily true. A properly sized unit is most important to get the most from your system.

Appliance Selections

Energy Star products require less energy (as confirmed by testing). Therefore, they save money and help preserve our environment. Most clearly have the energy star label with notes on the amount of electricity used under standard operation. They are widely available, so you will not usually need to select between functionality and energy efficiency.

Colors Make a Difference

Darker colors for siding and roofing materials absorb heat, making the space within the home hotter. Your systems will operate for longer periods of time to counteract this. Picking light colored shingles will deflect the sun instead of absorbing it.

Efficient Option for Windows

Windows are a major source of heat and cooling loss. Windows with double panes provide better insulation. Also, adding a low-E glaze between the two layers will better minimize heat loss through the window. Low-E is basically transparent. A wide selection of coatings are offered to adapt to different temperatures. The high solar gain option is better for areas with cool weather, whereas low solar gain options are preferred for hotter regions that use more cooling. It is also helpful to think about the location of windows based on the direction of sunrise and sunset. This will lower the need for electricity. All of our homes come standard with Low-E windows.

Insulation Considerations

Insulation is critical to maintaining an obstacle between the inside and outside air. It is naturally more cost-effective to insulate during construction than to do so after the house is built. For greater benefit, a house should be insulated along all exterior spaces.

Additional Texas New Home Energy Saving Ideas

Home construction involves making many selections. Remember to keep energy efficiency in your consideration of different materials. Think about environmental effect and initial expense with the future savings. In many cases, picking energy efficient alternatives is an easy decision when looking at the big picture.

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