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Texas Home Buyer Relocation Advice

Moving to a new community can be stressful. There are several factors to take into account including rating of local schools, local amenities, crime levels, tax rates and commuting to employment. The following is some useful advice when relocating to a new Gehan Home.

Schools and Texas Property Prices

The quality of a school district is a consideration for both families with school-age children and those without. A good school system has a positive influence on home prices, as well as property appreciation. Be sure to research school systems before your search for a home. Sites such as also may also be useful.

Features of the Neighborhood

The availability of recreational facilities, retail stores, and other amenities are important to know and can impact your quality of living. Sites such as provide the proximity of entertainment facilities, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, dining locations, and financial institutions in relation to a particular address. Be sure to make a list of the most desired amenities and pass on that information to your Gehan Homes sales associate if it is a critical factor in your property selection.

Crime Levels in Texas

Crime levels in a community may be related to real estate values, as well as the general neighborhood quality. Inquire at the local police department for details or visit crime websites such as There may also be mobile apps that give similar details.

Texas Property Tax Rates

Real Estate taxes may vary greatly from one community to another and significantly impact affordability. Tax information are public information and are normally listed online, at municipal offices, or from a local real estate professional or Mortgage Consultant. When considering affordability of an area, be sure to get figures for both loan payments and property taxes.

Commuting Time to Work

The distance to major highways can impact both real estate prices and commute times. Living near to highways has its advantages and disadvantages but can increase to or decrease property value. You may have to find middle ground between commuting time and property prices.


Your Gehan Homes sales associate will be a helpful resource when it comes to home buyer relocation advice. They understand the neighborhoods and communities, understand the local trends, and can make the home search experience less complicated. Let Gehan Homes put their knowledge to work for you.

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