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The home purchasing and selling steps are elaborate enough to begin with. Real estate terminology can complicate it further, particularly if you are a first time buyer. Below you will find definitions on popular real estate terminology in Texas. This may help you better comprehend the buying and selling process.


Popular Real Estate Terminology in Texas

Market Analysis

Market analysis is a report that evaluates your home to similarly-styled properties that sold recently in the area. It usually produces a price range given the current economy.


MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This is a database where members of the MLS enter homes for sale. Different areas commonly have different MLS systems, and some states could have several. Non-real estate agents are not granted permission to log in to the listings but may obtain access through authorized parties.

Property Assessments

This is the figure placed on homes by a public tax assessor and for the purpose of determining real estate property taxes. Assessed value has no relation to the selling price of a home.


Walk-thrus typically are scheduled shortly prior to closing. It allows a buyer to preview a home and to ensure that the condition has not changed from the previous time they visited it.


Agreement Items


A contingency is a condition required for a party to proceed with a home sale or purchase. For example, the ability to purchase might be contingent on the sale of their existing real estate. Other common contingencies are for performance of an inspection and receipt of a mortgage commitment.

Good Faith Money

Good faith money refers to deposits given by a buyer with a contract to purchase a home. It shows that a buyer is proceeding in good faith. Deposits are commonly retained by the listing company for a seller and given back to a buyer at closing.


A closing is when paperwork is signed, money is exchanged, and a home legally transfers from the seller to the buyer. P&S agreements must have a closing date and location.

Additional Information on Real Estate Terminology

This blog lists definitions on popular real estate terminology in Texas and includes only the most introductory terms. For more detailed real estate information and advice, contact our friendly sales associates.

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