Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

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Kitchen remodeling is big business. On average, a kitchen remodel is around $21,000. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, some homeowners will go all out, spending upwards of $50,000!

Even if you are not Martha Stewart in the kitchen, you want your kitchen to be inviting. You want your kitchen design to work for you.

It's where your family gathers, where homework and school projects get done, and where your friends congregate during a party. It is probably the room in your home that can make or break a real estate sale.

If you are thinking about putting a new kitchen in your home, you will want to read on to learn about the top ten kitchen design trends of 2018.

Top Ten Kitchen Design Trends

Whether you are looking to make your kitchen most efficient or most aesthetically pleasing, you'll want to know the latest kitchen design ideas.

1. Smart Kitchen

From Bluetooth-enabled cutlery to refrigerators with internet to smart crockpots, the kitchen is "getting connected". If you are building a home or remodeling, you'll want to integrate smart technology into your kitchen design.

2. Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are becoming more popular as new styles and patterns are developed. They are easier to maintain than their main rival, granite, and will last practically forever as well.

3. Integrated Appliances

Having your appliances built-in or covered with the same material as your cabinets, gives the kitchen a more cohesive look. You can highlight an appliance with fancy woodwork or let them blend with the cabinets.

4. New Style Appliances

Stainless steel is no longer taking the top spot. A new dark gray with a brushed metal finish is moving in. Induction cooktops are a new trend paired with a wall oven that is most likely a steam oven.

5. Large Islands

Kitchen islands are getting bigger and serving many purposes. Ample seating is a must for families or gatherings. Appliances are being built in and islands are providing a lot of storage via cabinets and shelving.

6. Unique Pendant Lighting

No matter your style, pendant lighting is making a statement in the kitchen. Homeowners are choosing head-turning pendant lights to hang over those impressive kitchen islands, making them the focal point of the kitchen.

7. White, Gray or Dark Cabinetry

White cabinets are still hanging in there, but some new trends are on the scene. Gray is very popular and runs a close second. Darker colors are gaining in popularity and can give your kitchen an elegant look.

8. Two-Toned Design

Whether you are going with black and white, bright and bold, or contrasting colors, a two-toned design makes a statement in the kitchen.

9. Metal Finishes

Metal finishes will pop when paired with any of the trendy cabinet choices. You can invest in a metal range hood, metal lighting or even metal shelving if you opt out of upper cabinetry.

10. Bold Backsplash

If you wish to add some visual appeal to your kitchen, consider using a bold-patterned backsplash. You can use a color or pattern that will pull together your color palette.

Your Home is Your Castle

Home is where you spend most of your time. Make it your retreat! You can find the latest kitchen design trends as well as inspiration for any room in your home on our website.

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