7 Easy Care Tips to Maintain New Home Furniture


One of the best parts of buying a new house is outfitting it with brand new furniture. But, how do you keep that new home furniture looking as nice as the day you got it? Whether you have kids, pets, or both, there's a lot you can do to maintain your furniture after buying it. If you want to keep your furniture in good condition for as long as possible, these seven care tips are sure to help.

1. Read the Care Label

Some pieces of furniture are more high maintenance than others. Before you buy a new item, be sure to read the care label and find out exactly what is required to maintain it. If the item doesn't come with a care label, ask the seller what steps or supplies they recommend to keep it in good shape.

2. Clean Wood Furniture with Dish Soap and Water

Some people are afraid to clean wood furniture because they're worried that water will harm it. Unless you're soaking the furniture in water (which you shouldn't do), there's nothing to worry about. The easiest and gentlest way to clean wood furniture is to simply wipe it down with warm water and a mild dish soap. Use paper towels or soft rags to wipe the surfaces down and get rid of any residual moisture.

3. Use Paste Wax to Protect the Finish

The best tool to protect the finish on wood furniture is a soft paste wax. After you've cleaned your furniture, apply a thin coat of paste wax. Wait five minutes, then lightly buff it with a shoe brush or soft cloth. After 30-60 minutes, you can brush it again a bit more vigorously.

4. Keep New Home Furniture Away from Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight and extreme temperature changes (from heaters or vents) can seriously damage your furniture. Keep shades drawn when you're not using a particular room to keep the sun from beating down on your furniture all day long. If you want to keep your windows open but want to protect your furniture from sun damage, you may want to consider UV window coatings. These will help block excess sunlight and heat.

5. Don't Waste Money on Polishes and Oils

Some brands will try to convince you that your wood furniture needs to be nourished with expensive oils and furniture polishes. For the most part, these tools are useless. The wood has likely been covered with a protective finish, which means that polishes and oils won't be able to penetrate it.

6. Clean Up Spills as Soon as They Happen

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your furniture looking as good as new is to make sure you clean up spills right when they happen. Instead of wiping or rubbing, use a blotting motion to avoid setting the stain in further.

7. Rotate Cushions Regularly

Finally, be sure to rotate the cushions on chairs and couches on a regular basis. For pieces of furniture that get used consistently, rotate the cushions every 1-2 weeks. This will help them maintain their shape and comfort level. It's a good idea to get in the habit of vacuuming between the cushions whenever you rotate them, too.

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