How to Pick a Color Palette for Your New Home

Color Palette

Ready to buy your dream home? You're in good company, as November is apparently a popular time to buy a home this year. However, once you have your long-desired home keys in hand, you'll need to decide what colors you want in your new home. Few things say "welcome to homeownership" like the smell of fresh paint and fresh upholstery, so choosing your home's colors is certainly an exciting part of buying a new house. The question is, how do you know that you've chosen the right paint and furnishing colors for the new home? Here's a rundown on how to pick a new home color palette that you won't mind living with for years to come. Let's dig in!

Take a Look at Your Floor Plan

To help with your home color palette selection, make a note of which rooms can be seen from certain other rooms. You can do this simply by walking through the home and then keeping track of what you see using a rough floor plan sketch.

Along with looking at adjoining rooms, take a look at what you can see down the hall from a particular room, for example. All of the floor plan-related notes you take will serve as your entire home color plan's foundation.

Focus on Your Main Room First When Choosing Your Home Color Palette

Once you've taken a good look at your floor plan, begin your hue selection process by choosing a color for the room that is the most centrally located. This is most likely your kitchen or living room.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the process of picking colors, choose a neutral, soft hue for your home's main room. This will make choosing the other room's hues far easier. As a general rule of thumb, white is a safe color to go with in this capacity.

Consider What You Want Your Boldest Hue to Be, and Use Similar Shades

Next, determine which room you'd like to paint the boldest color. Any room next to your bold-colored room should ideally feature a more subdued, softer color.

However, try to stick with shades of the same hue when choosing colors for your adjacent walls or rooms.

To get the process started, pick a color from a piece of paint chip nearby and then choose the next hue either down or up on the paint chip. Another option is to mix the same hue at your local paint store and then add a little white to make your new version of paint lighter.

The benefit of using similar shades in your home is that this can easily give your house depth and interest in a way that makes sense overall.

How We Can Help

We offer top-notch home building services for those interested in finally buying their dream homes.

For instance, we can take you through the process of preparing your lot for your home's foundation, and running plumbing pipes and electrical wires through your interior walls, floors, and ceilings.

Contact us to find out more about how to build the perfect house and then choose the right home color palette this fall.

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