Top 5 Landscaping Design Trends of 2018


Here's a breath of fresh air:

Did you know that lawns are a more effective producer of oxygen than trees?

And that's not the only reason you should care about landscaping design. Front yard and backyard design ideas can be a fun and essential part of home life, and can also increase the value and curb appeal of your property.

Whether you are interested in buying a home or selling one, it's important to stay up-to-date on the trends in landscaping and outdoor design. Let's look at the top five landscaping design trends of 2018:

1. Climate-Conscious Landscaping

With undeniable climate changes across the globe, it's becoming important -- and en vogue -- for landscapers to know how to adjust. What used to simply be seasonal floral choices now can mean an indoor/outdoor fireplace, pool, or shade trees. Knowing to emphasize conservation and water management also tips a hat towards the future. Our Trinity Falls homes in McKinney, Texas feature climate-conscious landscaping, as well as native plants.

2. Farmer's Market Backyards

Urban farming has become more and more popular, as has square foot gardening. Utilizing your space to grow herbs, vegetables, and other useful plants for home-cooked meals bring the term "hyper-local" to life. Landscape design is shifting to reflect the collective conscience of America right now -- thinking globally, and growing locally. You can grow your own farmer's market in your backyard, year-round! Start with a square foot garden and go from there.

3. Updated Abodes

Technology has changed everything about our lives, including our landscape design. Smart greenhouses, responsive designs, and technologically advanced, quieter gardening tools are just some of the triumphs of the information age. Landscapers can use battery-powered devices to do yard work that previously took hours, and they can show clients their progress on tablets. Technological advances have hit the streets -- and the yards!

4. Experiential Design

Have you ever played on a life-sized chess set? Or used a picnic table and umbrella set in someone's home? Even hammocks count as the new experience-focused class of homeowners endeavors to create more memories out of doors. The National Association of Landscape Professionals identified experiential landscape design as one of the hottest design ideas of 2018.

5. Going Native

Native plants are one of the hottest trends for front yard and backyard landscaping ideas. When you're tied to a place, it's advantageous to know what grows native to the region and how to grow it. This information can be passed down for generations and can be shared with curious neighbors. Native plant gardens are wildly popular, especially so in the Southern United States. Local succulent and plant nurseries often sell out of native plants before the typical perennials and annuals.

Landscape Design for a More Beautiful Home

If you are buying or selling a home, don't forget that curb appeal is often the make-it-or-break-it factor. Not only will you want to have beautiful landscape design, but you will also need to make sure everything is ready for buying or selling -- both inside and out! Check out our new home checklist before you purchase or sell your home. Your best home is waiting for you!

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