Making the Most of Your Living Space When Entertaining

Capri Living Room - Arcadia Ridge

Are you hosting a party but have no idea what to do with the furniture in the room? If your living space is smaller and you have more furniture, you should consider moving it to a different room.

If your room designated for entertainment is bigger, you'll still have to do some rearranging to make sure people can move around, mingle, and dance.

Keep reading to learn how to make the best of your space when entertaining and throw a party everyone will talk about.

Rearrange the Furniture

One of the best ways to rearrange your room for entertaining is to put the furniture in a U shape. If you have a sectional, just move any additional elements like ottomans or armchairs. If you have separate sofas and armchairs, put them one next to the other.

Remove the carpets and rugs if possible to keep them clean and fresh once the party is over. Remove any valuable or fragile objects from the room to avoid damage, especially in areas frequented by the guests.

Create an Intimate Setting

To create the ultimate entertaining setting, the room needs to feel intimate enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. Avoid arranging the furniture too far apart and make sure there's seating for everyone.

Remove the coffee tables from the center of the room and leave the space empty. This will allow your guests to move around and talk or dance, and there will still be space for those who want to sit down.

Remove the TV

Wondering how to entertain people without technology? Remove the TV from the room to make sure guests talk face to face without distractions. 

If the TV is too big or mounted on the wall, plug it off completely and move the furniture away from the area. You want your guests to mingle and socialize, not watch TV.

Have a Dedicated Food Area

If you're entertaining guests in one room, have a dedicated corner for food and drinks. The guests can help themselves without leaving the room and still socialize with the others, and you won't have to take multiple trips to the kitchen.

If you're wondering how to place furniture in a room and fit a food area, choose a corner near the windows. For smaller rooms, add multiple smaller food stations.

Create an Entry/Exit to the Door

When you decide on arranging the furniture for the party, make sure there's a clear, unobstructed pathway to the door and hallway.

This is to make sure people can enter and leave the room without going around the furniture or accidentally tripping on someone or something.

Entertaining at Home Is Easy with These Tips!

Now that you know how to rearrange your furniture and create a true party atmosphere, it's time to start inviting your guests.

Make sure there's enough seating, food, and drinks, and don't forget the music to encourage people to dance and mingle.

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