How to Make Your Home Decor More Cohesive

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The vast majority of Americans aren't happy with their home's interior design. Only 20% like their own decor and furnishings.

Decorating a stylish home can be overwhelming. Things like Pinterest and other forms of social media make it seem like everyone's doing it right except for you. While that's decidedly not true, there are some tricks to nailing it down.

If you're trying to design a more cohesive home, here are some things to keep in mind.

Coloring It In

Finding a consistent colorway for your home will make it feel more cohesive right away.

Choose a neutral wall color, it doesn't have to be white, and carry it through your home. You can use different shades of gray or beige or white, but stick with the same undertone. Paint gives an immediate impact and makes your other choices look more purposeful.

Now, go back to kindergarten, and decide on your favorite color. Let that color be the thread that connects every room.

If you love blue, feature a blue mixer in your kitchen. Have a blue rug in the living room, and blue pillows on your bed. Do a blue tiled backsplash in the bathroom.

From your favorite color, choose complementary colors to feather in with furnishings and home decor. For this assignment, consult a color wheel. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the wheel.

Blue complements orange. Yellow complements purple. Red complements green, and Merry Christmas.

Uncoupling Furniture

Separate your furniture sets. When one room is overwhelmed by a static style, it breaks up your home's continuity. Instead, aim for a balance of old and new in every room.

If you bought the whole bedroom set when you got married, it's time to break it up.

You don't have to get rid of everything you have and start over, but experiment by moving things to different rooms. Maybe use one of your nightstands as an end table, and swap it out for an antique cane chair. Move one of your matching dressers to the dining room for a sideboard.

Reusing your own pieces is a cost-effective way to carry your style throughout your whole house. There's no price better than free for cheap home decor.

Repeating History

To keep things from looking random, focus on repeating themes. Three like items make a pattern; one makes clutter.

Hang three related art pieces in a hallway. Match linen curtains with a linen ottoman and linen pillows. Stack three books on your mantel as an accent. Echo geometric tile with a similar rug and geometric artwork.

Keep that rule of threes in mind when buying furniture. Everything shouldn't have the same finish, but make the mix look intentional. Go for several walnut pieces or a handful of white pieces or a few natural wood pieces.

Sweeping Floors

Nothing disturbs the flow of a house like different flooring in each room. Tile in the entryway, carpet in the living room, wood floors in the dining room. It's a lot to take in.

Stick to one sweeping floor choice for the whole of your living area. Use rugs to add personality and define the different spaces. Of course, some areas, like bathrooms, require specific flooring. But keep your flooring changes to two or three.

A Cohesive Home Is Always Evolving

It's not enough to fill your home with decor and be done with it. Styling a cohesive home takes time and evolves as your tastes change and refine. Keep editing and trying new things, and you'll reach that perfect balance.

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