Kids Bedroom Ideas: 7 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child's Bedroom

Kid's Bedroom

What could be more fun than decorating your child's bedroom? There are over nine million households in the U.S. with children between the age of three and five, so this is a DIY project that many of us are facing. While it's a great opportunity to express your child's unique personality, you also want a bedroom that is functional. Decorating your child's room when you move into a new house can also help make it feel like home for them. Here are seven fun and functional kids bedroom ideas that you can start on today! 

1. Seek Out Double-Duty Furniture

Children's furniture makers are answering the call to reduce clutter by building pieces that do double duty as storage. This may include a bed with built-in drawers, or a cozy chair that hides books inside. 

An advantage to this furniture design is that it encourages young kids to pick up after themselves. Children are more motivated to put things away if they have easy access to the storage areas versus trying to put items on a high shelf.

2. Create a Homework Area

Make it easy for your child to work on homework by setting up a small desk, lamp, and comfortable chair in one section of the room. This will also help them organize their supplies. The desk can do double duty for crafting projects, artwork, and online surfing.

3. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

If your child is a bookworm, devote one corner of their room to their favorite activity by adding a comfortable chair, bookshelf, and adjustable floor lamp.

4. Decorate With Soothing or Fun Colors

Research shows that certain colors such as blue and pastel shades can help reduce stress levels. In addition to painting the walls in soothing shades, you can add the same calming colors to a room with bedding, pillows, storage, and furniture.

But you don't have to shy away from brighter colors. You can add fun accents to your child's room in their favorite shade while keeping the wall color more neutral.

5. Add Fun Storage Ideas

Metal lockers, colorful cubes, and large buckets are just some of the containers that make perfect storage areas for kids' rooms. Just be sure to add storage that is no higher than your child so that they can use them easily.

6. Go With a Theme

Is your child into puppies, trains, or flowers? You can have some fun decorating the room in a favorite theme that includes a painted mural, bedding, stuffed toys, and other touches.

Just keep in mind that they may outgrow their latest obsession in a couple of years and you may need to paint and redecorate them.

7. Give them a Display Board

Whether it's cork, magnetic, or a chalkboard, giving kids something on their wall to display artwork will help keep clutter off their desk. It can also serve as a vision board space (a place to post their dreams and goals) and to write reminders about appointments and important dates.

Which Kids Bedroom Ideas Will You Try?

There's truly no limit when it comes to kids bedroom ideas except your own imagination. Why not invite them to contribute their own ideas as well? The bedroom should be one that you both enjoy.

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